Ninja Night Race Cleared for Take Off From San Diego Velodrome

Event Makes History Again With Mountain Bikers’ Unprecedented Access To The Track

SAN DIEGO, CA (December 29, 2013) — Ninja Night Racers will be the first mountain bikers in San Diego Velodrome history to have access to the track surface when they line up at the start line for the second event in the series January 16, 2014.

2013-12-15 06.21.51 pm“The track is traditionally the exclusive territory of fixed-gear, specialized track bicycles,” explains race director and track racer Richard La China. “But we wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to share another cycling discipline with our mountain bike racers. By starting the race on the track and the infield, we hope to introduce at least a few of them to the idea of adding track bike races at the Velodrome to their schedules, along with mountain bike racing.

The San Diego Velodrome Association is run by volunteers who keep the track maintained, grant access to its members and open it to the public for riding and also development programs where new riders can try fixed-gear bikes (bike without brakes) for the first time. The group runs weekly track races on Tuesday and Friday nights.

1000608_561352673938390_1914568402_n“I see the San Diego Velodrome as a unique outdoor classroom where we get to practice our favorite sport,” said Sean Burke – Head Coach and Track Instructor with Crank Cycling. “Richard has been a part of our community for a long time, so we’re excited to provide this exciting, unique opportunity for him to introduce the track to even more riders from other cycling disciplines.”

The Ninja Night Race is the first-ever US Cycling Association sanctioned night race series. The second event will take place in Balboa Park on January 16, 2014 starting under the stadium lights of the Velodrome. Racers of all levels are welcome to compete whether they have a USAC license or not, and will take to a short course with tons of opportunities for spectators to cheer them on. For more information, go to To learn more about the San Diego Velodrome, go to

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