Course Details

The race will start and finish on the San Diego Velodrome.

2013-12-15 06.21.51 pm

Ninja Night Race 4 Course Detail

All Categories and Age Groups

All riders will ride the same course (with the Pershing climb).

The race will have a mass start with 2 parade laps lead out by motorcycle on the Velodrome.  Racers will line up according to category, Pro, Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3.

Each category will complete the following number of ~3.26 mile laps around the course:

  • Category Pro/1: 7 laps  (~22 miles)
  • Category 2: 5 laps (~16 miles)
  • Category 3 (Beginner): 3 laps  (~10 miles)


*Course details / routing subject to change.