9 Medals at the Olympic Games and the Ninja Night Race | Special Guest

When you start your race on the Velodrome on Thursday the 16th, you will be in the presence of a legend. No, not Ron Burgundy. Someone better. EddieB

(Yes, it is possible).

THIS man is single-handedly responsible for bringing American cycling to world prominence.

(See? Told you it was possible. Now you’re asking yourself who it could be!)

Ninja Night Race is proud to announce that Eddie Borysewicz, fondly known as Eddie B., will be joining us for this race’s historic send-off!

Under his direction, the US team won an unprecedented 9 medals at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1984–the first time Americans had won medals in cycling since 1912!

Throughout his storied coaching career, he has developed and coached some of the world’s best riders, including Greg LeMond, the only American to officially win the Tour de France.

SteveHegg-EddieBAs if these accolades aren’t impressive enough, Eddie B. was inducted into the United States Bicycle Hall of Fame in 1996 AND was named the “Father of modern American cycling” at the 2004 Endurance Awards in San Diego.

Impressive, right?

But wait! There’s more!

ninja night raceNot only will Eddie B. be there, he will be sending off all riders by leading them in a parade lap around the velodrome on his motorpace bike.

Now THAT is rad.

Make sure you register in advance, attendance is limited. http://ninjanightrace.com


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